• Laura Sportiello is a Chicago based actress, singer, dancer, and voice over artist.  

  • She is a proud graduate of
    Ball State University's Department of Theatre and Dance, where she earned a BFA in musical theatre.


Below the surface...


Laura started playing piano at a young age and continues to find joy in songwriting, especially with her wildly talented peers, friends, and family. Her brother is a successful sound engineer in Chicago, who also happens to be a musician and the Technical Director of the DePaul Music School at DePaul University. As she always says, "He is just so much cooler than me." They collaborate on creative projects often. Lookout, Carpenters...! 


Cooking and baking are more than just necessities in my life. I would bet that there are few people on this Earth who can come up with an excuse to bake more often than I do.


Knitting is a newfound hobby that is not only practical (although how many knit coasters does one girl need?), but calming as well. Next stop - learning how to knit the perfect hat!